The Team

History of the Team

Farrah's event Carolyn & Tanya

Carolyn Inmon and Tanya Brown have been working together since 2009. Bringing different personalities, skills and backgrounds to the relationship, they work well together because they listen respectfully to each other and are both passionately dedicated to the prevention of domestic abuse and the creation and maintenance of loving relationships.

During their collaboration, Tanya has earned her B.A. and M.A. in psychology and Carolyn has done a great deal of research on domestic abuse, power and control. Many speeches have been written during that time including such topics as never giving up, teaching as community service, leadership, power and control,  and one of Tanya’s personal favorites – wellness.

Their primary mission is the eradication of abuse and they are adamant about getting the word out to domestic abuse victims and predators. Towards this goal, they have written the book, “Seven Characters of Abuse – Domestic Violence – Where It Starts and Where It Can End.”   Plans are to write a series of books on this and similar topics.