The Message

Is it love, or is it something else?

Bookmarkers-front with Carolyn contactTanya Brown, sister of the late Nicole Brown Simpson and Inspirational Speaker, Author, and Life Coach, and professional Communication Expert Carolyn Inmon are no strangers to unhealthy relationships. After losing loved ones and years of their own lives to the pain, chaos, and sadness of living with one or more of these characters, they have joined forces to educate potential victims and their families on the subtle, yet equally dangerous and destructive beginning stages of abuse.

It’s never too late to decide that you want more real love, true companionship, and a deeper purpose for living.

The Seven Characters of Abuse was written for those feeling uneasy about their relationships, navigating hurtful verbal exchanges and upsetting behaviors, and wondering if the characters in their life really love them.

Short, easy-to-read stories combined with simple questions and easy-to-access resources Bookmarkers-Backwill help you to:

  • Know for sure whether you are living with one of these characters, and the careful steps you can take if you are.
  • Realize that you are not crazy or alone, and become an advocate for yourself and others.
  • Deepen your understanding of what love is and is not, so that you can find, create, and enjoy a healthy relationship.