Meet the Seven

Meet the Seven Characters

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  1. Jealous Stalker: The jealous stalker constantly checks up on his victim, not out of love but out of jealousy and the need to control her.
  1. Mind Game Player: The mind game player controls his victim by telling her what to do to please him but changing his mind once she does it.
  1. The Isolator: This abuser isolates her from family and friends, creating a type of prison for the two of them and replacing her independence with 100% dependence on him. Isolating a person is one of the first and most dangerous beginning signs of a violent relationship.
  1. Emotional Robber: The emotional robber tells the victim how to feel, robbing her of her genuine feelings.
  1. Money Monger: The Money Monger puts her into financial isolation, making her financially dependent on him.
  1. Pseudo Parent: The pseudo parent abuses his children by creating a sad, angry and violent atmosphere and predisposing them to the possibility of becoming future victims or batterers.
  1. Silent Knight: The silent knight punishes her by withholding affection, love, other emotions and conversation.