“How naive I was about domestic violence. I always felt that working in the family crisis unit I had the answers until one day I discovered just how domestic violence really works. I never thought ever that I could be a victim of domestic violence he never hit me. My job I got to work on high profile cases the last one ended my law career. I married a monster myself but it was always like it blind to it. At first things was good then comments about my appearance. Little comments enough to start getting under my skin. His words slowly got more frequent and more hurtful where I started really start losing myself. In my job I deal with domestic violence daily but never really knew how to describe it. Reading this book I started seeing for the first time the pattern on how things started and kept escalating so quickly. Now my eyes have been opened by reading this book. The 5 stages unless you read this book you won’t know that there’s 5 stages but you might have 1 or 2 or all 5 stages in your life. This book should be used in psychology classes to teach incoming psychologists how to see the signs with p atients.”

Robin Miller, PhD, JD


I conducted my very first interview with Carolyn Inmon last week and she is the most thoughtful; considerate, well spoken and intuitive person that I’ve ever met. She is observant of the world around her and passes on her experiences through her book that she co-wrote with Tanya Brown, “The Seven Characters of Abuse: Domestic Violence: Where it starts and where it can end”. She strives to make a difference in the world. Through her speeches and her book, I believe Carolyn does that. Manny Pacheco gave reference to the phrase of knowing when you have an “easy interview”. Carolyn Inmon was an easy interview because of her humble nature, inspiring will to persevere and her candid openness about her life.

Miguel Ramirez
Radio Broadcaster. Podcaster. Entrepreneur.
Mt. San Antonio College


Seven Characters of Abuse

“The Seven Characters of Abuse (Tanya L. Brown and Carolyn Inmon, Abundant Press, 2015). This book is for people feeling uneasy about their relationships, navigating hurtful verbal exchanges and upsetting behaviors, and wondering if they are really loved. With short, easy-to-read stories, simple questions and easy-to-access resources, the author, sister of Nicole Brown, helps you decide if you want real love, true companionship and a deeper purpose for living.”
In Recovery Magazine (Click to visit review online)


The Seven Characters of Abuse is an amazing book. It allows women to reflect on their relationships in a safe space. It allows women of all ages to feel understood. It is a book of women solidarity.
Ana Duran, UCI student, 20 years old
The Seven Characters of Abuse is a riveting book. The author, Carolyn Inmon, takes us through a detailed walkthrough of several abuse situations which many people see as common places. The book shows that abuse is not only physical but it also comes in verbal and psychological forms. Routine signs of anger, such as the silent treatment, are a form of abuse that is perceived as a normal part of human interaction. Inmon employs various settings and story to give abuse a human story and face. This is a must read for men, especially, as many of the abuses laid out on in this book are committed by men on an ordinary basis. Young men should read this as a precursor to any relationship, so that a healthy dynamic evolves between them and their partner. Abuse comes in many different forms and we should normalize behavior that seeks to impose dominance or will upon another person. Abuse is not some abstract idea, abuse occurs all around us and this book is key to identity abuse occurring to us and those around us. The Seven Characters of Abuse is an eye opening expose to the various faces of abuse and what we can do to solve this epidemic.
Luis Aleman, BA, UCI 2016


The “7 Characteristics of Abuse” is a quick easy read. With both personal and professional experience, you two are a good match to share with other women in need. It offers help for women everywhere. They can readily see tools, resources and a path to a better life.
Diane Larkins, Retired teacher Irvine Unified School District
“A great starting place if you think you’re in a problematic relationship or want to avoid slipping into those problematic relationship types. This book is easily readable and likely to stimulate deep reflection about our relationship behaviors. It’s an empowering book! There’s also a good set of resources in the later sections!”
Gilbert Puga, Jr.
Instructor of Interpersonal Communications
Associate Professor of Speech
Rio Hondo College, Whittier, CA


“Go Carolyn Inmon! This book would not have happened without you and your unwavering support! Go get ‘em girl! Hugs”
Tanya Brown
Co-author of “Seven Characters of Abuse, Domestic Violence – Where it Starts and Where it Can End.”


“The book “The Seven Characters of Abuse, Domestic Violence ~Where it Starts and Where it Can End” is an realistic must read. The co-authors delve into the best kept secret, “I am in an abusive relationship”. The denial we exclaim, the skeleton in the closet, the avoidance that keeps us trapped and barely alive. I will do whatever it takes to stay alive, while I endure unspeakable acts of verbal and physical abuse. God Bless Carolyn Inmon & Tanya Brown for going deep inside us, and helping to break the silence. I highly recommend this book to anyone who experiences or knows someone in any kind of abusive relationship.”
Deborah D. Pierson, Survivor


“Carolyn, your presentation to our group today was outstanding. It was well received by the Kiwanis Club of Claremont, and I have to admit, I was amazed by their response. You touched a nerve, and perhaps a few hearts with your speech. Your points regarding the impact of psychological and emotional abuse, the hidden abuses, and the impact they have on not only the individual, but more importantly on the children in the family hit home. Thank you for providing a thoughtful presentation.”
Dr. Raul Rodriguez, Kiwanis Club of Claremont


“Brilliant and Bravo! Carolyn Inmon and co-author Tanya Brown have put together a cohesive, clear, concise book – quick read, and hit every spot to empower women/victims of abuse – do yourself a favor and GET THIS BOOK! Either you and/or probably some/many people you may know can benefit from what Carolyn and Tanya have to say – easy to identify with the situations and very eye-opening! Splendid and what are you going to give us next?“
Jaci Woods


Wonderfully written! A great read for anyone who has been through or has friends who have been through/are going through domestic violence. My favorite part about the book are the behaviors to observe that may lead to abusive tendencies and that’s essential for anyone and at any age. Definitely recommend!
Wen Wen Li


“This is an important book on an important topic that will serve many.  Read this book, then pass it along to help others!”
James Malinchak, Featured on ABCs Hit TV Show, “Secret Millionaire”
Top-Selling Author, “Millionaire Success Secrets”
Founder of www.MillionaireFreeBook.com


“With the World Health Organization reporting that 1 in 3 American women will experience physical or sexual violence by an intimate partner, Tanya and Carolyn’s new book offers important warning signs and exit strategies for those who find themselves in potentially dangerous relationships. I am hopeful that the book will spark a much-needed dialog around this national epidemic.”
Lori Vandermeir
Head of Communications, United States National Committee for United Nations Women
Former President, National Organization for Women (Orange County, California)


“Tanya and Carolyn have made the process of identifying the signs of abuse easy to understand and, more importantly, a quick read for those who may suspect that they or a dear friend or loved one are being abused. When times is of the essence, a “pocket guide” is essential. They have made it easy for friends, family members, and co-workers to identify the behavior and talk to their friend about a very difficult subject. Thank you Tanya and Carolyn, for breaking this down for us.”
Sherri Loveland
President, National Women’s Political Caucus of California


“It’s amazing the think that my father embodied all seven characters; sometimes individually and at times, collectively. I strongly recommend this book! It’ll be a great resource in many settings, including academically.”
Victor Rivers
Actor, Athlete, Activist and Author of the bestselling memoir, A Private Family Matter


Tanya Brown shares wisdom and tools for those wanting to get out, become aware or heal from abuse. She shares extensive information and education to help the reader to be empowered and strong, and to rise above hardships into a life of triumph and greatness.
I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting awareness and knowledge. It is life changing in a huge way.

Kim Somers Egelsee
Confidence expert


In this important little book, Tanya and Carolyn have provided the opportunity for women to identify with other women who are in hurtful relationships. It will be hard for them to stay in denial after reading the examples of real women who were being controlled by the men in their lives. And, it doesn’t end there. There is help, hope, and resources for action.
Erik Swanson


Tanya and Carolyn have written a very important book in which they give hope to thousands of women who may not be feeling hopeful before reading the book. If I could make a wish for these women, I would wish that they would read this book and find hope for the future and courage to make decisions for their own happiness.
Frank Shankwitz
Founder/Creator of the Make A Wish Foundation


As a former Olympian, I have had the privilege of relating with individuals from all over the world. There are some things that unite all people no matter where they are from and one of them is power. This book will help women be able to recognize the difference between a healthy love and unhealthy power and control.
Ruben Gonzalez
FOUR Time Luge Olympian


“Tanya Brown’s book, The Seven Characteristics of Abuse, is a must read for anyone who wants to have an increased understanding and insight into the abusive relationship and how to avoid them. Brown uses both her personal and professional experience to point out the often subtle, yet emotionally lethal dynamics behind these very dangerous personalities. She also empowers her readers to look for and know the danger signs before it’s too late.”
Dr. Robi Ludwig
Psychotherapist and Author of Till Death Do Us Part: Love, Marriage and the Mind of The Killer Spouse.